the reel story

Reel Made Embroidery Co. is partly the vision and work of Mary Hunt — a California Desert local now based in NYC — and partly the friends, family, admirers, artists, collectives, and strangers that have helped along the way and continue to shape/inspire/build this dream. They are the reel heroes.

A personal note from Mary -
“The name ‘Reel Made’ came to me in a moments notice, when I didn’t yet believe any of this could possibly work. The joke was, in fact, on me when I soon saw that I actually had what it takes to create something from the ground up and the term ‘Reel Made’ had to take on a new meaning. This work was started on a pinky fingers worth of faith in myself, and runs off the wild notion that this might just work. I have been privileged enough to have an amazing community of people around me, always encouraging me to keep pushing forward and don’t worry about what the outcome looks like. I would like to pass this message on to anyone who gets the feeling that they don’t have what it takes — you have it. You are it.”