Hand Cranked
Chainstitch Embroidery

This traditional form of chainstitch embroidery uses vintage machinery and thick thread to create fibrous art and embellishments. Each stitch is hand guided by the turn of a knob underneath the table and the speed of a peddle pressed by the foot — A process called “thread painting”

custom work


one of a kind. forever.

Chainstitch works can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 hours (or double that…) and encourages a slow and thoughtful process, in a world of fast-fashion and immediate satisfaction. Clients can take part in the design process using the chainstitcher as a creative vessel for their inspiration, or works can be conjured solely by chainstitcher magic.



live custom embroidery at your next event.

For an hourly rate we will come set up shop at your next soirée. We can create a custom flash sheet based on the event theme and give people a patch, bandana, or other keepsake they won’t forget, put a personal touch on purchased goods by adding some script, or just have a live artist come mesmerize the masses one stitch at a time. We love collaborating with other artists, organizations, and brands to bring a fresh look to the tired eyes of event collaboration.
Reel Made also loves partnering with organizations for the benefit of marginalized groups. Please contact us for inquiries.

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